COVID SECURE WILL BE SHUTTING DOWN 1/31/2023. Please download your records or email if your were tested in Alaska.

COVIDSecure enables advanced patient testing, notification, and observation tracking with advanced reporting tools.
Designed by clinicians for you.

Easy to Use

User-friendly for both clinicians and patients with desktop and mobile user portals.

Real-Time Notifications

Integrated notifications for patients and clinicians via email, text, and phone.


COVIDSecure is built on a modular platform enabling the fast implementation of new features for clinicians, hospitals, and state agencies.

Advanced Reporting

Generate detailed reports automatically, based on date range, test result, test site, geographic region, and more.

HIPAA Compliant

Runs on secure HIPAA compliant servers. Your data and your patient’s data are always safe and secure.


Allow patients to access their information to enable observation recording from their mobile devices.